About Us


DARTS stands for Durand Area Retailers Trades & Services.

DARTS is an not for profit organization open to all size businesses operating in the Durand Area.  These include both manufacturing and service firms, in-home and out-of-home companies whether incorporated or privately owned.  Individuals interested in community development are also invited to join DARTS.

The purposes of DARTS is to enhance the opportunities for local businesses to grow and the community to grow.  It does this through sponsored activities that create greater awareness of the community.  In addition, DARTS works with local governmental groups to ensure a business voice in decisions affecting members.  Money for activities are acquired through dues, fundraisers and events.  Funds collected are mostly used to foster area events.DARTS leadership and committee members are all volunteers.  General meetings are held monthly with committee meetings held at other times.


Meet the Team

Here is the Darts team. All are volunteers dedicated to the success of the Durand area. They work hard to achieve Business growth and Community strength through the DARTS organization.

Beverly Waller


Our families have been  a part of the Durand community for GENERATIONS.  We chose to become members of DARTS to show our support for the local businesses.  It is rewarding to be members of a group that provides many activities throughout the year.  These activities draw families into our town which in turn allows these visitors to see the many local, and unique establishments in Durand, the Village of Volunteers.

Etta Fugate


Dave Waller


Next Steps…

For more information about joining the DARTS organization visit our contact us page.

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